Semiconductor Industry Results for 2016

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) recently announced industry results for 2016 with global semiconductor industry sales of $338.9B (+1.1% vs 2015, $335.2B). Below are the highlights:


  • China was the largest market in 2016, accounting for 31.1% ($105.3B) with a growth of +9.2% vs last year.
  • Japan saw sales recover by +3.8% vs last year ($32.1B in 2016), although still not at the level of sales in 2014.
  • The rest of the Asia-Pacific region saw growth of +1.6% vs 2015 ($106.2B in 2016) and accounts for approximately 31% of total global sales.
  • The Americas and Europe saw a decline vs prior year of -4.7% and -4.5% respectively. 
    Semiconductor Sales by Region
    Source: Semiconductor Industry Association

    Source: Semiconductor Industry Association

* Note: SIA projects 2.1% growth in 2017 and 2.3% growth in 2018; this increase has been broadly applied to all regions. As SIA did not give any indication of regional growth, this was not weighted by region.

Market Segment

The largest segment in the Semiconductor industry is Logic (91.1B in 2016; 27.9% of the total market) and saw growth vs 2015 of approximately 0.3%. The fastest growing market segment in 2016 was the analog market: +45.3% vs 2015 ($47.8B in 2016 vs $45.2B in 2015).
Semiconductor Sales by Segment
Source: Semiconductor Industry Association
* The shift in market segments from 2014-2016 came from changes in SIA’s market segmentation. For full details, see the historical reports at



  • Samsung Electronics and Apple remained the top two semiconductor chip buyers in 2016, representing 18.2% of the total worldwide market.
  • Samsung and Apple together consumed $61.7 billion of semiconductors in 2016, an increase of $0.4 billion from 2015.

“This is the sixth consecutive year that Samsung Electronics and Apple have topped the semiconductor consumption table,” said Masatsune Yamaji, principal research analyst at Gartner. “While both companies continue to exert considerable influence on technology and price trends for the wider semiconductor industry, their impact has lessened due to falling expectations for future growth.”

Sales by Customer
Source: Semiconductor Industry Association